Wednesday, 27 April 2011

About This Bride

Yes Mrs O wore black.

Mr O wore black.

My son, who accompanied me into and sealed the sacred circle, wore black.

The ring bearer wore black.

The marriage celebrant wore black.

The chauffeur wore black.

The limo was not black, we could not find one, and so it was maroon.

The flower girl did not wear black; she was dressed as a pink fairy with white feather wings.

The chosen grand-daughter, aged 15 months, was a tiny pink fairy.

I have to confess that all this “blackness” was Mrs O’s idea.  It was interspersed a little with the “pink girls” and pink flowers.  I had already done the traditional white wedding bit and I did not want this wedding ceremony to be anything like it.  I think my dislike of white evolved from my nursing days.  As student nurses we wore white and as far as I am concerned it is the most impracticable color for this profession.  Think of the many fluids that you come in contact with that does not help it stay white.  I could not wait for the day I registered and I could wear green.  Alas the hospital decided to retire the green uniforms and keep them for the part-time staff so we were still left in white, long sleeved this time instead of short sleeved so there were even more areas to change to a different color.  After mumble mumble years of wearing white it completely disappeared from my wardrobe and has only made the odd appearance.  My mother would wring her hands in despair as out of uniform it was denim and black.  I still adore black, it does so much to hide what can be hidden, and it goes with everything else, so the majority of my wardrobe is still black.  I wonder if you can work out what two other colors form the majority of my wardrobe?  There is a hint from the wedding and from the background of the blog

My thanks go to Whit who gave this blog its title.  For those of you that have seen the wedding photos I did not enter the marriage with my eyes wide closed they were very much open as I married this wonderful man who has filled my life with love and laughter.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mrs. O Has Arrived

Ahem. Mrs. Ornery here. At least I will be when I can get His Orneriness out of the way. This is where you come to learn what Ornery is really like and who I am and  - well, the truth of the Ornery household, basically. Just wish I didn't have to go to work now.