Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I have reached the time in my life when I have decided that it is now that I should do the things I have always wanted to but other commitments have prevented.
Number one was getting another Afghan puppy and start showing again.  I finally managed to get the puppy here from Australia but it was not an easy exercise.  I love the little fellow to pieces and he is a character.  He is providing plenty of laughs as well as exasperating moments.  Our first shows are this weekend so it will be interesting to see what other people think of him.  He moves beautifully on the lead, but is very averse to standing the right way to show off his features, and thinks grooming is a game of catch the brush.  I have wet thoughts when it comes to showering him.  It may be easiest if I get in the half round shower with him as doing it through an opening in the doors may see the bathroom awash with bubbles and a dishevelled puppy.
Number two was going to a Meatloaf concert.  My friend and I had decided that the next time he came to New Zealand we would go, as last time he was here he only came to Auckland and we found out too late to go.  Mr O for a change bought a Sunday paper and there was this full page ad for three Meatloaf concerts in October.  I rang my girlfriend to inform her but she wanted to think about it.  She rang back the next day to say NO, which was a shock, as she would not long be back from a six week visit to the USA and as she has a pain syndrome it would take her some time to get over the trip. I was upset to put it mildly, but understood her reasoning.  The time for pre-booking using Visa passed, when Mr O mentioned something about taking some holidays from work which included the timeframe that Meatloaf would be in the country.  He is not a great fan of Meatloaf, but had seen advertising on the television while he was at work for the show and it looked spectacular, so had become interested in going.  I had asked one of the ladies that I worked with, who is the same age as me, if she would like to go but she had said no as she felt that her husband would have wanted to go as well and they could not really afford it.  Two days later she rings me to say that her husband did not mind if she just went.  Now I have three people who want to go to the Wellington concert.
Mr O was on the computer bang on 0900 this morning when the seats went on sale to the public, with a list of instructions where to go to and how to use my Visa to pay.  When I woke up the first thing I asked was had he got the tickets?  No was the answer, he had tried every area of seating but could not get three seats together, or even two for that matter.  I thought blow this I am not letting this opportunity go by, so decided to investigate the Auckland concert which was three days later.  Had to change ticket buying sites and managed to get two silver seats together so bought them.  I had decided that even if I couldn’t get the good seats I was going to be there.  We paid less for the tickets and only $20 more for the airline tickets so it was less expensive than going to Wellington.
Now that number two on the list is all set up and will have to sit and think about what number three is on my list.


  1. Bide:

    I hope that Number Three doesn't give you as much trouble as the first two.

  2. Glad to see someone starting on their bucket list. Seems a little weird to read about flying a plane to a concert, but I assume it's a long drive?

  3. Had no idea Meatloaf was still on tour. I thought he was long gone.
    When I lived in the Mariana Islands we use to fly to go shopping,movies and the like. Matter of fact it was that way in Alaska when I worked for the State Alcohol and Drug Program.